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Stipends available! Join the next edition of the Ashoka Visionary Program in CEE

Published On: 08.05.2023

Everyone deserves the chance to grow into a leader of change – stipends available

This year, we’re investing into leaders on democracy and climate! Are you one? The program will be the place for you to grow personally and professionally, building a community of peers. Through special support in these fields you will receive a reduction on your participation fee.

Additionally, we offer three different types of stipends (2,500€ for people in transformation, 5,000€ for representatives of NGOs/foundations/public institutions and 7,500€ for social entreprenereurs) to allow those who can’t afford the full price to attend the program! This means: if you’re a social entrepreneur, you’ll only pay 2,500€. All of this, till 30 June! The Ashoka Visionary Program team screens all the applications on a rolling basis and informs candidates if they are eligible.

Why a comprehensive executive leadership program for social change?

The world needs more leaders of change who solve societal problems in an entrepreneurial way, leading teams to higher impact. These humans know HOW to lead by having access to all the tools for systems-changing social entrepreneurship, and they know WHY they do it by being connected to their purpose and a community of peers 🤝

Some of them go on to become groundbreaking social entrepreneurs like our Ashoka Fellows. On topics ranging from civic engagement and full economic citizenship to youth, environment, health and human rights.

These social entrepreneurs are individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset who tackle social problems at the root cause with their innovative and practical solutions. They change policy, market dynamics, industry norms, and their ideas inspire others to independently replicate and adapt solutions. But they all do something else as well. They demonstrate that change is possible, and in so doing, they inspire others to act and to join them in their organizations and movement.

Does this sound inspiring? Do you also want to start walking the way?
You, your friends, colleagues and employees can be leaders of change.
For social impact.

The hard facts about the 9-month-journey

Once again, the Ashoka Visionary Program in Central and Eastern Europe has opened its application for the next edition – starting on 19 October ’23 in Vienna!📆 The executive leadership program offers a comprehensive 9-month learning journey that covers the life cycle of a social entreprise. Its 7 modules contain all the necessary ingredients: social entrepreneurship & innovation💡 ➜ impact & social business modeling🎯 ➜ funding & scaling💰 ➜ wellbeing & new leadership🧡 ➜ system change🌊 ➜ partnerships & co-creation🤝 and finally ➜ storytelling & marketing📣.

In short, it teaches changemaking skills in an entrepreneurial, immersive way and creates a space for changemakers to co-create.

With Ashoka Fellows and academic experts, practical know-how and personal stories.

Based on Ashoka’s 40+ years of experience in facilitating systems-changing impact.
For only 30 selected participants. You? 

Start your journey – Join the program

Are you ready to set sail?⛵

The Ashoka Visionary Program supports executives, current and future entrepreneurs, changemakers from any sector – corporate, public, civil society or foundations. Participants strive for new careers, business and social impact pathways in society.

Let’s see if the program is the right place for you to thrive (or for someone you know and care about). Can you answer all of this with YES?

  • ✅ You want to listen to the life stories of Ashoka Fellows and other ground-breaking social entrepreneurs, ask them all your questions and reflect on them for your own journey?
  • ✅ You want to get access to the field of social entrepreneurship, accelerate your changemaking and responsible leadership skills, and/or reflect on your personal changemaking journey for more purpose?
  • ✅ You want to implement learnings into practice by supporting a social entrepreneur or developing your own social enterprise?
  • ✅ You don’t want to do it all alone, and instead want to exchange experiences with like-minded leaders from diverse sectors, create collective impact together and join a supportive alumni network to accompany you further?
  • ✅ You can commit to attending 7 practice-based modules, of 15 days in total (Friday-Saturday), between October 2023 and June 2024?

📆 To learn more about the program, you’re invited to our upcoming info calls:

  • 16 May, 14:00 – 15:00 (CET)
  • 20 June, 09:00 – 10:00 (CET)
    Sign up for your preferred date here.

All info about topics, putting learnings into practice, requirements and more on the website.
Immerse yourself in a world where positive change is possible, and create it yourself.

Invest in your future – Join the program