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 The global organisation building a world of social entrepreneurs

Ashoka is the global organisation building, connecting and amplifying the largest community of leading social entrepreneurs from all across the world. We elect social entrepreneurs as “Ashoka Fellows”, most of whom receive a 3-year stipend, pro-bono support, an international network of social entrepreneurs and boost for their scaling & internationalisation.

This community of currently almost 4,000 groundbreaking innovators shows the way towards an “Everyone a changemaker”-world, in which everyone has the capacity and opportunity to contribute and to create positive change. In this world, everyone is powerful, everyone has a voice, everyone has access to needed resources, and everyone can thrive.

We have a unique approach

Ashoka has developed an experience-based framework of empathy, teamwork, new leadership, changemaking and organizing in an open, fluid team- of-teams. It is the new foundation for living and working together – towards a resilient, inclusive, and equitable future.

Ashoka’s framework is sourced from 40 years of studying the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. A social entrepreneur describes an individual who conceives of, and relentlessly pursues, a new idea designed to solve societal problems on a very wide scale by changing the systems that undergird the problems.

The Ashoka Visionary Program is a short cut into the heart of Ashoka’s global social entrepreneurship wisdom. Discovering, navigating and utilizing the richness of our network, founded by Ashoka Austria in 2015.

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Our vision and mission

Our Vision

Ashoka envisions a world where everyone can embrace their agency, live with dignity, has the skills to solve problems, and creates positive change for the common good. Let’s build together a more resilient, regenerative, and equitable society, one where everyone is a changemaker for the good of all.


Our Mission

Ashoka identifies and supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build an „everyone a changemaker world.

Why Ashoka is a key player in social entrepreneurship and your guide
in changing the world


Ashoka created the field of social entrepreneurship (our first framework change).


Ashoka has selected 3,500+ leading social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows).


Ashoka Fellows are a credible focus group to identify future patterns of change.


Ashoka has been learning about the architecture of the Everyone a Changemaker world for over a decade through the Ashoka Fellowship.


Ashoka is a global, decentralized, integrated team operating in 93 countries.


Ashoka has an immense network beyond social entrepreneurs which is comprised of; CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, young changemakers, universities, and social impact leaders.

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