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Join the next Visionary Journey in Indonesia: An immersive changemaking experience for leaders | May 26-30, 2024

Published On: 25.01.2024

Between Jakarta, Bandung and Bali: an immersive changemaking experience to understand social innovation on the ground!

You will have the opportunity to witness firsthand how changemakers are addressing systemic issues in education, peacebuilding, healthcare, fair trade, sustainability, and mental health.

For five days, we will explore the social innovation ecosystems and amazing cultures of Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. We will connect and collaborate with our community and Ashoka Fellows in these regions such as Zaini Alif, Irfan Amalee, Robin Lim, Ewa Wojkowska, Luh Ketut Suryani, and Agung Alit.

The Visionary Journey offers a unique experience and a tremendous opportunity to understand social innovation firsthand, under the guidance of local Ashoka Fellows and the dedicated colleagues at Ashoka Indonesia. It will also enhance your insight into Ashoka’s mission and initatives, broadening your view on the impact of social entrepreneurship. Additionally, this journey presents a fantastic chance to explore the wonderful country of Indonesia, immersing yourself in its rich and diverse culture, vibrant landscapes, and historic sites.

We hope this experience inspires you to integrate new ideas and perspectives into your projects, your daily life, and your own journey as a changemaker.

→ Hard Facts at a Glance

  • Dates: 26-30 May 2024 | 5-Day Exclusive Program
  • Capacity: Limited to 30 participants from the Ashoka Network
    *A minimum group of 15 participants is needed to make the journey happen.
  • Price: €2.100 (excluding flights to and from Indonesia)
    *Price includes 4 nights’ accommodation with breakfast, internal transfers and trains, internal flight to Bali, visits, and meals for the duration of the program.

You can find more detailed information about the program, along with the preliminary agenda, by clicking the button below.

Preliminary Agenda

We are currently coordinating with interested participants to finalize the trip’s agenda and manage all logistical details. Please register by March 30th to secure your spot. Following your registration, we will send you all the necessary details in the coming weeks.

Reserve your spot – Register now!

During the journey, you will meet inspiring Ashoka Fellows creating lasting impact and developing system change solutions in the regions of Bandung and Bali

🦸🏻‍♂️ IRFAN AMALEE, Peace Generation
Irfan is countering the trend toward religious extremism and other forms of intolerance by cultivating faith-based peace movements, preparing a generation to become ‘Agents of Peace.’ Irfan founded his social movement on the idea that young people can develop and practice their own approaches to peace, tolerance, and non-violence as a deliberate alternative to the growing influence of religious and political extremism. Irfan then founded Pesantren Welas Asih (Welas Asih Boarding School), promoting a new model of curriculum for education that focuses on how students can become peacemakers and changemakers.

You can read about Irfan here.

🦸🏻‍♂️ ZAINI ALIF, Komunitas Hong
Zaini creatively engages communities to educate and socialize the next generation of leaders through traditional toys and games. He identifies and spreads traditional games as a way to increase children’s empathy, creativity, and connection to the environment. Zaini brings together children, parents, local community leaders, and young adults to ensure that children have access to play and get to know children from other villages, hires young people at the margins of society to become instructors, and involves the wider community in traditional forms of play.

You can read about Zaini here; And watch his TEDx talk here.

🦸🏼‍♀️ ROBIN LIM, Yayasan Bumi Sehat

Robin is a midwife and the founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat health clinics. She and her team have been working since 2003 to combat Indonesia’s high maternal and infant mortality rates. She was awarded the 2011 CNN Hero of the Year award for helping thousands of low-income women in Indonesia with healthy pregnancy and birth services. Through Bumi Sehat, Robin introduces a gentle birth model targeted at mothers, babies, and families. This model combines evidence-based research with an emphasis on empathy, care, and a culturally appropriate approach that is easily adaptable by professional midwives and traditional birth assistants. Robin encourages midwives, doctors, and nurses to uplift the mindset of new mothers, reminding them that giving birth is a miraculous process to be celebrated by mothers and their ecosystem, regardless of their social status, race, and religion.

You can read about Robin here.

🦸🏼‍♀️ EWA WOJKOWSKA, Kopernik

Millions of people living in remote areas do not have access to electricity and clean water. On the other hand, simple, technology based solutions exist but are not reaching the people in far-flung communities. Ewa has created distribution systems in order for people in remote areas to have access to life-changing technology in Indonesia and other parts of the world. The system connects existing but currently disconnected actors to ensure that far-flung communities have access to appropriate technologies to improve their welfare. Together with Kopernik, an organization she and her husband co-founded, Ewa is creating distribution channels that engage local civil society organizations, cooperatives, savings and loans groups, local kiosks, funders or investors, and technology producers to ensure that last-mile communities have access to much needed appropriate technologies to address their basic needs. These technologies include water filters, solar lights and fuel efficient cookstoves.

You can read about Ewa here.

🦸🏼‍♀️ LUH KETUT SURYANI, Suryani Institute for Mental Health

Luh Ketut Suryani is a psychiatrist transforming the mental health field to address the country’s growing number of mental health disorders. Using an approach that combines traditional healing methods with modern psychology, Suryani is providing a cost-effective treatment option available to all sectors of society. Over the past two decades, Suryani has been spreading mental health care across Indonesia by not only making it more accessible to citizens, but also by redefining and expanding the definition of a “mental health care provider.” Based on the simple premise that everyone can be a self-healer, Suryani has engaged a multitude of groups, including teachers, women, children, volunteers, senior citizens, and health workers, and has taught them how to cope with psychiatric issues. Perhaps most notably, she has successfully begun to partner traditional healers with modern psychiatrists to provide a holistic experience that includes community-based prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

You can read about Luh Ketut here.

🦸🏻‍♂️ AGUNG ALIT, Mitra Bali Fair Trade

Agung is the founder of Mitra Bali, an organization that aims to help Balinese artisans navigate the cutthroat and sometimes unforgiving world of trade. Mitra ensures that these artisans receive adequate compensation for their work. While still a university student, Alit founded a discussion group called Forum Merah Putih meaning red and white; the national flag colors. The first activist group in Bali, it spread all over Bali. Many members are still consistent with their original concerns in fields such as the environment, education, culture, art, politics, law and others. Upon completing his law degree, Alit worked at the legal aid society in Bali, but he found that there was too much corruption involved in the legal profession, and became interested in activities with citizen-led organizations. In 2023, he is featured in Coconut Cali’s website as 1 of 11 Badass Balinese History Makers.

You can read about Agung here.

Pictures from last year’s Visionary Journey in East Africa, where we visited Ashoka Fellows and explored social entrepreneurship initiatives in Uganda and Tanzania.


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