Real-world impact of the Ashoka Visionary program

At the core of Ashoka´s challenge is the question of how to change systems, what it needs to do so and how to engage partners in an impactful way. The Ashoka Visionary Program has become the engagement platform to build trust, support and cooperation. Our participants accelerate social initiatives in their environment and solve societal problems at a grassroots level.

The challenges we’re solving 

To bring about change we need to understand how to solve societal problems. And then – we need innovative decision-makers to lead.

Innovative decision makers:

  • seek external inspiration for solutions,
  • serve as pioneers for their organizations and
  • cultivate a new way of seeing society’s emerging challenges and possibilities

We found that there are no programs out there teaching changemaking skills in an entrepreneurial and immersive way, deriving theory from learnings of practitioners and creating a space for changemakers to co-create. So, we decided to change that by founding the Ashoka Visionary Program in 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

See some examples of how the program changed lives and organisations 


Managers in transition became Social Entrepreneurs. Discover this and other transformations in the “Success Stories”!


Social entrepreneurship hub in Styria was founded (as a public initiative)


New ground-breaking initiatives like the anti-mafia initiative, accelerator for solutions for refugee integration (Ideegration), education platform BildĂĽnger


The classical charity model was broken up in some NGOs, paving the way towards more sustainability through social entrepreneurship


The network of Ashoka grew (with new impact investors and pro bono partners, as well as a growing Ashoka Support Network), enabling us to accelerate change


More foundations (including Visegrad Fund, Ceska Sporcitelna) started funding social entrepreneurship, & much more

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