Vadim Poluga

"i3" (I-Cube) Information Engineering Incubator

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***Alumnus of the Ashoka Visionary Program (CEE) 2019/2020***

“i3” (I-Cube) Information Engineering Incubator, Novosibirsk. Information Engineering Incubator for young people from the age of 12, aimed at solving knowledge-intensive and technological challenges from customers from the real sector of the economy.

Vadim was born on September 8, 1977 in Nizhny Tagil into a family of engineers. Vadim is a creative
person and the coats of arms invented by him – the crystal of perfection – serves as a great example
of this aspect of his talent. Since the 10th grade, he has worked as a programmer.

Vadim graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics in the Ekaterinburg State University
in 2003. In 2011, Vadim graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports,
Youth and Tourism in Moscow.

Today, Vadim is fascinated by the subject of social design and the opportunity to open
cultural boundaries and thus, broaden horizons.

Vadim uses different tools of engagement for further scaling of the I-Cube. For example, one such
tool was a summer camp in Tyumen, where instructors and counselors (volunteers) completed a shift
developed by Vadim. They simultaneously learned the methods and approaches that are applied in the
I-Cube. Thus, a team was formed that was ready to launch the I­ Cube in Tyumen.

Vadim believes that the best way to develop oneself in unfamiliar activity is through
volunteering. Volunteering is not an opposition of professional activity but a supportive force.

Now Vadim Polyuga is also a business consultant for projects of the Internet Initiatives
Development Fund. President ofthe Federation ofDuel Fencing.

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