Torsten Engelage

Risk Management and Compliance for the PwC Advisory

Categories: Alumni, Private sector

When looking back on the events in Torsten’s life that sparked his interest in social and political affairs around him, it’s three events from the “long nineteen nineties” that shaped and sparked his interest:
Rather cluelessly observing the excitement of his German father with the Fall of the Wall in 1989, the incomprehensibility of the Ex-Yugoslav wars and finally realizing the enormous complexity of the world outside his own Euro-centric bubble when 9/11 occurred.

These events got Torsten engaged in youth politics in high school and where driving forces for over 10 years of engagement in various roles. However, any engagement in youth politics is waning property: youth.

So, after a late stop over at university a few fortuities resulted in a carrier with a global consulting firm. There he enjoys engaging with international colleagues and working on a well-defined range of topics while still longing for a more extensive view on our social, economic and environmental problems and solutions to them.

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