Mikhail Kryukov

Project Lead Developing Neighborhood Institute

Categories: Alumni, Central-Eastern Europe Region, Public sector

***Alumnus of the Ashoka Visionary Program (CEE) 2018/2019***

With the Developing Neighborhood Institute, Michael solves the problem of dissatisfaction with the basic needs of low-income people who experience difficult life situations. Often people, being in such situations, suffer from hunger and loneliness. Sometimes they just do not have enough money to buy food. In such situations, they are an “easy” prey for different scammers, because when there is lack of support, a desperate person is ready to do anything. All this aggravates mistrust, despair and oppression in our society. People stop relying on each other and helping those around them.

The development of good relationships in the neighborhood communities, increases the happiness index in the society as a whole, which in its turn, leads to an increase in the economic activity of the population.

Michael believes that by developing local communities at the district level, one can change the “social contract” and affect the economy as a whole.

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