Mikhail Krivonos

Co-Founder, Rabota-i LLC; Chief Executive Officer, RAOUL charity foundation (till Feb '23)

Categories: Alumni, Social Entrepreneurs

***Alumnus of the Ashoka Visionary Program (CEE) 2022/2023***

Hi, my name is Mikhail. I’m a social entrepreneur. I live in Russia and in Sweden.
I have EMBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics and bachelor in linguistics from St.
Petersburg State University.

Since 2011, I run RAOUL – a Swedish Russian social enterprise and foundation. RAOUL supports people with special needs and disadvantaged young people in finding and retaining jobs. RAOUL innovates to make supported employment more accessible and affordable. Since start, RAOUL has been successfully supporting over 1000 people.

I’ve joined the Ashoka Visionary program to develop my big dream: to tenfold RAOULs annual social impact in the nearest five years, to make a transnational organization and to support many more people.

Previously I worked as project manager in a Swedish management consulting company Business Sweden. I helped Swedish companies to enter the challenging Russian market. I’ve also got experience as
startup entrepreneur developing my own micro company and successfully selling it to new owners.

Please note that this description dates from the start of the program, if not stated differently. Want to see your bio updated with your new social impact achievements?
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