Human Rights Lawyer

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Mani (he/his) is a human rights lawyer specialising in the rights of children. He works on alternative care issues worldwide. He has lived all over and is now based in Central Europe. As a human rights defender, he has done strategic advocacy for children before several UN human rights treaty bodies. Mani believes in the complete and immutable rights of children to be included in all decisions about their lives and world. Children inherit every single decision we make as adults. mani has founded a number of NGOs focusing on children’s rights and is looking forward to learning from others on the programme about their leadership journeys and what people can share about they type of leader they are and what is the nugget of leadership wisdom they want others to know.

Mani holds a masters degree in international law, another in Social Change, Campaigning and Communication and is currently completing a third masters degree in NGO Leadership and Management in the UK.