Karanja Nduta

Social entrepreneur in EdTech, Future of Work Strategist & Trainer

Categories: Alumni, East Africa Region, Social Entrepreneurs

***Alumna of the Ashoka Visionary Program (East Africa) 2020/2021***

Nduta is the face of today’s digital world and represent the best her generation has to offer. She is passionate about learning and using technology to take people to a whole new level. A leading thinker exploring the impact of technology on work and society she founded Digital Hands Africa in 2015. An organization focused on building a culture of innovation, 21st century skills and programs on the future of work through Education Technology.

As a social innovator and future of work strategist, Nduta is on a mission to tackle women and youth underemployment, through social impact, up-skilling youth and talent development holding the belief that every young African has the potential to thrive and deserves the opportunity to better their chances of transformed livelihoods through gainful and decent work. She leverages innovation and cultural bridges to foster job creation and growth of Africa’s innovation ecosystem in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) She has led the organization to create and execute award winning and has facilitated several consulting and training interventions across Africa.

Nduta is a leading expert on how different generations have different attitudes towards technology and work. She speaks internationally on the future of work, education, social entrepreneurship, leadership, youth and enterprise development. Her talks get the audience thinking about how their organization can thrive in a world where consumer and employee expectations are rapidly changing. She is extremely passionate about innovation, technology, design thinking and EdTech. Nduta continues to research on the consequences of technology for earnings and employment. She holds a background in Public Relations, Business and Sustainability.

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