Jose Morales

Founder & Manager; Aurora Coworking Network, Lincoln Island Initiatives, European Rural Coworking Project

Categories: Alumni, Central-Eastern Europe Region, Private sector, Social Entrepreneurs

***Alumnus of the Ashoka Visionary Program (CEE) 2019/2020***

The first years of Jose´s entrepreneurial career were focused on information technologies as an opportunity for the development of small businesses. He worked in Lima with Microsoft Peru and in Ljubljana with Microsoft Slovenia precisely to support business people in their efforts to make technology work for them. Throughout those years he learned that leadership is not about authority, it is a dedication to the deliberate development of people.

The second phase of his career started in the year 2012. After two years of living and working in New York for a management consulting firm as Chief Innovation Officer, Jose decided to return to Slovenia and let technology aside in order to create a new path. Since then he started many initiatives and among them Fear & Fail and Aurora Coworking, both focused on the importance of community building, entrepreneurship as a force for human growth and understanding the role of fear as a source of resistance and limitations for individuals and collectives. Six years of experience talking, mentoring, coaching persons from more than 10 countries have been a powerful experience and he wishes to go on!

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