Florian Rutsch

Co-lead, Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program

Categories: Experts+Speakers

Florian leads on systems change partnerships, research, and training in the UK and he co-designed Ashoka’s European Fellowship program where he co-leads the systems change, new leadership and wellbeing modules. His work in recent years has increasingly focused on the ecosystem for social entrepreneurs – in particular on funding for their systems changing work.

Florian’s passion and expertise focuses on system change and impact measurement. He holds an undergraduate degree in international economics and a graduate degree in social entrepreneurship, studying in the Netherlands, US, UK, and Kenya. Before joining Ashoka, he worked as a social impact consultant on strategy, organisation, and communication. He is also the co-founder of a mobile healthcare solution honoured by the Clinton family, the education network Our Future World aimed at building the aspirations of children and its #TweetADream campaign which reached 25k young people in 35 countries.

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