Anastasia Noskova

Founder of "SWOP market - Let's swop"

Categories: Participants

Anastasia  was born in a town in the Bashkortostan Republic in Russia. She moved to Izhevsk for university, became a PR specialist, and participated in student and work programs in the United States. By 2007, she secured two diplomas in Public Relations and interpreting. In 2008 she got married an welcomed her first son in 2010. She further expanded her educational horizon by studying economics until 2013. Juggling roles in PR and marketing across various sectors, Anastasia started her entrepreneurial spirit in 2020 with “SWOP market – Let’s swop!” This initiative, initially a single project, grew into a popular franchising network with 16 swop markets across 8 Russian cities by September 2023, underscoring an alternative, sustainable consumerism ethos by encouraging people to swap instead of shop, thus protecting vital natural resources.