Stefan van der Swaluw

Program Director at SOS Children's Villages The Netherlands

Categories: Alumni, NGOs

Stefan is a Dutch National with 30 years of continuous experience in progressively responsible positions in international development (duty stations Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana and the Netherlands, and project identification and monitoring visits to Latin America, Africa and Asia).

Emerging constants in his career are change management and business development of the organisation’s he worked for (SOS Children’s Villages in the Netherlands, International Child Support, The African Child Policy Forum, Plan the Netherlands, SNV, Environmental Qiuality Internationa and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation).

He has been responsible for fundraising, strategy development, advocacy and human resource-, financial- project- and organizational management, and has been serving in the Management Teams of leading organizations since 2001.

Stefan is a disruptive changemaker, a creative problem-solver and analytical strategist, known to be resolute, independent, persevering, accountable, ambitious, proactive and result oriented.

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