Sabrina Stepanian


Categories: Alumni, Private sector

***Alumna of the Ashoka Visionary Program (CEE) 2022/2023***

I was born in 1973 in Teheran/Iran as a daughter from an Armenian father and an Austrian mother – we left Iran 1979 (due to the revolution) and came to Vienna, where my brother (1,5 years younger than me) and I learned German (we only spoke Armenian, Persian and French by then). I grew up in Vienna – went to the French school until my 15th birthday and then switched to an Austrian school.

I’m always drawn to other countries and cultures, which is why I decided to study law because I actually wanted tobe an ambassador, but unfortunately I didn’t pass the entrance exam. That’s why I decided to become an ambassador for international brands or organizations – because I love to act as a role model and to motivate, inspire and lead people.

I have extensive international professional experience in various industries (Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Media, Messe Frankfurt, DO & CO, IKEA and now Habibi & Hawara). The common thread in my professional career is to take on the overall responsibility and the interdisciplinary structure of a brand, a business field or the business as such, to develop it further and to adapt it to the ongoing processes.

My multicultural background (Armenian/Austrian), my international experience in various positions, my passion for inspiring leadership, my curiosity for innovation as well as my joy and enthusiasm for leading and supporting transformation and change processes motivates me to be part of the Ashoka Visionary Program.

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