Ricardo Parger

Founder of PHÖNIX - Training For Life

Categories: Participants

Ricardo is a passionate advocate for change, born in Vienna to a Spanish mother and Austrian father. He has studied law not just to apply it, but to rethink it, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the sociology of law with a focus on climate litigation. In his roles, he manages an NGO dedicated to social rehabilitation programs within the Austrian prison system and leads the creation of an umbrella organization for mentoring programs in Austria.

Looking ahead to 2024, Ricardo is preparing for a new chapter as a mediator, dedicating himself to resolving conflicts in a constructive and transformative way. Beyond his professional life, he finds inspiration in sports, nature, and music, which combine to bring out the best in him. He is honored to have received the 2021 Social Impact Award and to have graduated in law in 2018. However, he considers the most meaningful achievement to be witnessing the transformative impact of the sports programs on young people in prison.