Radoslav Pittner

Manger Ashoka CZ&SK, Facilitator & coach for social impact

Categories: Experts+Speakers

Rado is a skilled facilitator and coach who focuses on accompanying social innovators and socially beneficial initiatives on their path to collective impact. He helps them to stimulate catalytic conversations among different stakeholders and build common understanding of the reality they all face. He leads courses and workshops on systemic change for NGO’s, works with state institutions and teaches at Charles University in Prague.

Rado studied law and international relations at Masaryk University in Brno. He established the university Career Centre at Masaryk University for creating meaningful connection among university students and employers and comprehensive career counselling services for students to help them enter job market more easily. After few years in startup environment, where Rado was developing a niche career platform for IT specialists Smitio, setting new standards in IT recruitment, Rado joined Ashoka in Czechia, where he searches and selects leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows.