Oleg Belezhenko


Categories: Participants

Born and raised in the Republic of Belarus, Oleg moved to Russia, St. Petersburg, 8 years ago. In 2018, Oleg started attending a Lutheran church and became a volunteer in various charity programs. Eventually, his thoughts were consumed with ways to improve the church’s charity programs, leading him to leave his successful marketing job to dedicate all his time to creating a charitable organization. He secured a room and put together a small team. Over five years, their work has made them one of the most well-known and effective projects in St. Petersburg, assisting graduates from orphanages and teenagers without parental care. They operate two coffee shops where they train children in the barista profession, run sewing productions, ceramic studios, and offer services of psychologists and social workers. Now, they aim to construct a unique school designed to help teenagers discover a vocation, particularly those who find it difficult to find their place in the world.