Monika Ségur-Cabanac

Regional Manager Central & West Africa and Latin America at Missio Austria

Categories: Participants

Monika is the Regional Manager for Central & West Africa and Latin America at Missio Austria, a role she has held for the past seven years. Missio Austria is a donation-based agency that provides grants for the initiatives of mainly Catholic institutions in countries of the Global South, and it operates in 150 countries. In 2022, it was the 8th largest fundraising organization in Austria. She is responsible for a diverse project portfolio, which includes poverty eradication, education, health, climate change and environment, advocacy and human rights, as well as pastoral projects. Her particular area of expertise within the organization is in agriculture, food processing, and social business.

Before taking an extended maternity leave to care for her four children, Monika managed similar areas of responsibility at the Austrian NGO Hilfswerk International. Her academic background includes studies in Chemical Engineering at the Technical University in Graz, Austria, with time spent abroad in San Sebastian, Spain, and Paris. She also worked as a senior business consultant at Czipin & Proudfoot Consulting, with projects in Austria, Germany, and Spain.