Mónica Expositor

Change Consultant, NEOMERAKI

Categories: Experts+Speakers

Mónica Expositor supports enterprises and their people in their next evolutionary step as part of the Spanish consulting firm NEOMERAKI. At NEOMERAKI, they combine practices that enhance an approach of care and benefit for all parts, long-term vision that respects life and its rhythms, and work cultures geared towards collaboration and innovation.

She is also kicking-off the first Spanish-speaking project within a public institution to promote and explore human, innovative, and sustainable organizations at www.organizacionesdefuturo.es.

How did she get here? After a few years managing EU funded R&D and innovation consortia with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, she quit this job and initiated a journey of self-discovery. And to understand why organizations can and should be one of the most powerful containers to improve the world we are part of.

During this time, she has gained experience and education in HR, organisational development, business and leadership, new ways of working, systemic consulting and how social businesses and agile tech startups work.

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