Michael Lorz

Managing Director at EnableMe Foundation

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***Alumnus of the Ashoka Visionary Program (CEE) 2019/2020***

Michael Lorz (1979). Michael is currently establishing a global information hub for people with disabilities by utilising a social franchise system. He is also Managing Director of the Foundation MyHandicap which is serving about 10 Mio. people annually with information about disability related topics in the German speaking areas. In his previous roles he has found the Office of Development at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland and built the University’s foundation, the HSG Foundation. During his tenure he led a capital campaign for funding the university’s HSG Learning Center, a building designed for the future of learning and teaching.

He started his career working for a blue-chip company in sales and marketing roles in Edinburgh (UK), Chicago (USA) and Antwerp (Belgium). Michael is a continuous learner. His learning journey early took him to China and the Netherlands where he completed two Bachelor degrees. He continued with the CEMS MIM and completed also an MBS in Ireland. His PhD at the University of St.Gallen was devoted to the topic of entrepreneurship education. He complemented his professional fundraising experience with the Exponential Fundraising Program at the Harvard Kennedy School.

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"Why I joined the Ashoka Visionary Program? At that time, I was thinking about scaling the impact that has proven to be successful in Switzerland globally. And the program was the perfect match to support me in this endeavour.

There was this notion of connecting to like-minded, forward-thinking people who have similar values, and well, it has proven to be right. My two key takeaways were around impact modelling and systems change."