Maurizio Bergia

President of the social & agricultural cooperative I TESORI della TERRA in Cervasca

Categories: Alumni, Mediterranean Region, NGOs

***Alumnus of the Ashoka Visionary Program (Mediterranean) 2021/2022***

“Hi everyone, I’m Maurizio Bergia, I’m 53 years old and I live in Fossano, in the province of Cuneo (Piedmont). I am married, I have 4 children and with my wife Giovanna we are responsible for a family home of 18 people. We live in a large structure of the Diocese, in which we are also responsible for a social housing, the Condominio Sociale Divina Provvidenza, consisting of 10 lodgings.

I am responsible for the IL RAMO social cooperative of the used clothes recovery sector in Fossano, where we have the Bottega 23 shop, a Didactic Farm, the stable and organic crops. But above all, I am passionate about social inclusion, the only real way to make people grow.

Also, I am the president of the social and agricultural cooperative I TESORI della TERRA in Cervasca, a social agriculture company with 25 employees that has a dairy, a teaching farm, a stable and organic crops. The phrase that best describes me is this: “the world is a beautiful place and it is worth fighting for”.”

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