Lesley Pennington

Founder of multiple social initiatives

Categories: Participants

Lesley is the founder of www.bemz.comwww.kinship-collective.com, and the co-founder of school2school.se. Lesley has founded and developed several successful companies throughout her career. Most recently, her focus has shifted towards social impact business models. She firmly believes that every company bears the responsibility of being socially accountable and contributing value beyond profits. In addition to her roles in entrepreneurial startups, Lesley has extensive experience in Business Development and Marketing within the technology industry. She has worked for Apple in both Silicon Valley and Europe, and she has also contributed her expertise to several technology and internet startups in Europe.

Through Kinship Collective, Lesley is driven by a powerful purpose: to create economic opportunities for women in vulnerable communities by providing not only jobs but also fair compensation for their work. Kinship embodies ethical and sustainable practises at the heart of an interiors brand- focused on providing market access and product development to female artisans who cocreate with Kinship to produce limited edition, one-of-a-kind interior products, all crafted in an ethical and sustainable manner.