Katja Teuchmann

Founder Safa East Venture e.U. (Austria)

Categories: Alumni, Private sector, Social Entrepreneurs

***Alumnus of the Ashoka Visionary Program (Mediterranean) 2019***

Katja grew up in a little wine village in the south of Vienna. She studied psychology at the University of Vienna and group dynamics at the University of Klagenfurt. After some practical training, she moved to England and specialized on Occupational Psychology at the University of Sheffield, UK. Instead of becoming a psychotherapist, she found herself in a first local and soon global consulting firm.

Wrapping it up, she has been working for 17 years at Deloitte as a consultant, manager and for the last 6 years as partner based in Vienna, Austria. Her focus areas were Change management, Leadership and Talent Management projects for mostly international
clients in the private and public sector. After this extended business experience, she had no more career ambition but the great vision of learning a new language and culture and
broadening her perspectives.

Her passion of desert hiking brought her closer to the Arabic culture and she spent the last years travelling and studying in the Middle East. Soon, She started to share her passion and experiences in a personal blog. To take it even further, she started a social business with the idea of building bridges between Europe and Middle Eastern countries in 2018. As a first test, she collected money with a crowdfunding campaign to build an internet platform that will promote the intercultural projects.

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