Elisabeth Krön

Trainer & Actress

Categories: Experts+Speakers

Actress, Trainer and Alumna of the Visionary Program. Elisbath managed the organization Specialisterne Austria (founded by the Ashoka Fellow Thorkil Sonne). She is a trained actress having studied theatre and acting. German and Romance Philology in Vienna and Milan. She is fluent in German, English and Italian.

Since 15 years she is working with many museums, like the Natural Science Museum of Vienna, the Technical Museum of Vienna and the Plantearium, in combing Theater-Methods with science learning for kids and youngerst.

For “German as a foreign language” she is teaching “Drama in Education” – for children and teachers, to create holistic and human learning – with body, mind and fun.

Elisabeth has long term experience working as an instructor for executives and conducts team building and communication workshops for corporation and entrepreneurs.