Christophe Cuny

Individual Giving Department Lead, SOS Children's Villages International

Categories: Alumni, NGOs

***Alumnus of the Ashoka Visionary Program (CEE) 2022/2023***

Christophe is actually French, but has lived in Vienna since more than half of his life. There, he studied Romance languages and litterature before starting at SOS Children Villages Intl. (SOS CVI) as Africa correspondent dealing with services to, and communications with, individual Donors (one of the strongest income source for the organization).

Over the last years he further developed his competences on NPO Management (NPO-Akademie, Vienna) as well as Fundraising Management (Chartered Institute of Fundraising, London), deepening his knowledge about the Non-Governmental and Not-for-Profit-Sector. He now leads the Quality Management Team in the Individual Giving department of the federal headquarter, where he wants to put a strong accent on protecting dignity and privacy in communication to donors, sustainable and mindful use of assets and resources, and co-workers inclusion as well as child participation in further development ofindividual fundraising products.

Himself involved in the past in environmental, political, cultural or sporting associations, and
currently active member of the Staff council of SOS CVI, he has a strong belief in cooperative and
associative movement, he sees as oneof the most effective and powerful mean to create the change
and to contribute to the development of the society.

Through his participation in this programme, he wishes to find ways on how to make use of the
financial power of single donors (either individually or organized in community), to support social
entrepreneurship and the changemakers of tomorrow: children and young people.

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