Christina Kauer

CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte

Categories: Alumni, Central-Eastern Europe Region, NGOs

***Alumna of the Ashoka Visionary Program (CEE) 2019/2020***

“I was born and raised in Vienna. I have an academic background in economics as well as international relations with a focus on cross border environmental topics. I value interdisciplinary and I am convinced that this is a key approach to work on current and future complex issues. I spent several months in French Canada and Romania not only to study and volunteer, but also to experience culture and get fluent in both languages. Currently, I am working at CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte – an NGO operating social projects in Eastern Europe and Austria. I am part of the international finance team which not only allows me to have fun with Excel tables (I really do!!), but also to be innovative, find new approaches and work in an international environment. In my free time, I love being outdoors. Already as a child, I was part of the scouting movement and later on I was a scout leader for some years. I am passionate about going on long-distance bicycle trips across different European countries on my own. I think it is an amazing way to travel neither too fast nor too slow which allows me to get to know people and challenge myself on a daily basis.”

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