Cecilia Toncic-Sorinj

Finding sustainable solutions in gastronomy.

Categories: Alumni

***Alumna of the Ashoka Visionary Program (CEE) 2022/2023***

My name is Cecilia Toncic-Sorinj and how you might have noticed from my last name Ashoka lies in the family and I am happy to finally also be part of the program.

Born and raised in Vienna I moved around in Europe since 2019 first studying culinary arts and
management and then working as a cook. Like this I am learning how to find sustainable solutions for
problems in the gastronomic business. I focus mostly on learning and finding forms of preservation
to avoid food waste.

I didn’t only choose this path for those reasons, I absolutely love eating and talking about food
as well.

I would also describe myself as a ‘Yogi’ using my free time to move and take a moment from time to
time to focus on myself.

Other then that I managed to overcome my aversion of winter by becoming passionate of winter sports
like figure skating and, of course, skiing.

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