Birgit Straka

Managing Director at Viva con Agua Österreich

Categories: Participants

Birgit is an impact-driven leader with a passion for interdisciplinary collaboration and 15 years of non-profit experience. Since 2018, Birgit has been serving as CEO of Viva con Agua Austria, an NGO dedicatd to achieving SDG6 – clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for all. Her primary focus lies on Organisational Development, resulting in substantial growth and professionalisation of the small, impactful organisation.  Throughout her career, Birgit has passionately volunteered her time and skills in various expert positions. In her most recent role as Board Member and Vice President of Amnesty International Austria, she played a pivotal role in the areas of Communication and Strategy.

Birgit holds an MBA in Communication and Leadership from Donauuniversität Krems, reflecting her dedication to effective communication and leading positive change. Following her commitment to lifelong learning and personal development, Birgit has recently taken a year off to channel her energies into further enhancing her expertise.  Outside of her professional life, Birgit enjoys traveling, music and nature and is currently renovating an old farmhouse outside of Vienna, where she lives with her family.