Benjamin Dragolj

Founder of Igramo Zajedno Inicijativa – IZI

Categories: Participants

Benjamin is from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His educational foundation in political science laid the groundwork for a career brimming with diversity and purpose.

In his early years, Benjamin honed his skills as a football player and established valuable connections within the sports world. This firsthand experience gave him a deep appreciation for the power of sports as a unifying force. His passion and the drive to make a difference led him to the NGO sector, where he has been actively involved since 2015. He has grown into an experienced fair play facilitator, addressing vital issues such as reconciliation, non-discrimination, and gender equality. His efforts have been pivotal in fostering positive change throughout the Western Balkans.

Driven by a vision of a more inclusive and equitable future, Benjamin, along with a team of dedicated volunteers, founded an NGO. Their collective aim is to be a central local coordination point for future projects in the region, enhancing their impact and reach. Benjamin has organized four major football tournaments for children in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, attracting participation from over 110 teams worldwide. These tournaments have been instrumental platforms for raising awareness of the critical issues of nationalism and discrimination in football, prompting positive change in both the sport and society.