Alice Emasu

Founder and Executive Director,The Association for Rehabilitation and Reorientation of women for Development-TERREWOD, Ashoka fellow Uganda

Categories: Alumni, East Africa Region, Social Entrepreneurs

***Alumna of the Ashoka Visionary Program (East Africa) 2020/2021***

Alice Emasu Seruyange is the founder and Executive Director of The Association for Rehabilitation and Reorientation of women for Development- TERREWODE- and Terrewode Women’s Community Hospital (TWCH) which is dedicated to treatment and management of obstetric fistula and other child birth injuries.

“I’m passionate about health equity, gender equality and social justice. I have tirelessly championed the sexual, reproductive Health and rights of vulnerable women and girls in Uganda for close to two decades. I have been engaged with the problem of maternal mortality and morbidities such as obstetric fistula as my “wedge” in her fight for sexual, reproductive health and rights for women and girls. I am a journalist turned fistula activist who strongly believes it is possible to achieve a world where no mother dies in childbirth nor suffers a fistula. Ending maternal modernity and morbidities has always been my driving force for unlocking the health care systems that disempower women and the girl-child. I possess excellent leadership, management and communication skills as a result of my Bachelor’s degree in Mass communication.

I have studied a Master of Social Work from the George Warren Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis, USA; Master of Business Administration in the Uganda Martyrs University/ University of Cattolica, Italy. I’m a member of several professional associations within the field of public health, entrepreneurship and social work locally and internationally.”

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